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Tagging is not working as expected



We installed the agent using host group parameter on all hosts of application Example. It has three hosts. so now every process group is detected uniquely for this application. We have tagged every process groups, hosts and services with tag "Application-EXE".

I could see in the Dynatrace UI that the services has only one tag" Application-EXE", but when looking at tagging rule, preview show me another services as well.

Why preview show me another services which do not belongs to this application, however they have same name and technology.

I have restricted the tagging rule using host group and host name parameters.

Due do this problem, I could see tag "Application-EXE" on another services which do not belongs to this application.

Below highlighted in yellow are the one which belongs to Application-Example. I could see the "Application-EXE" tag on them but why another services appear in the preview, ignore the dotnet service.

Same application tag got applied on these services as well which is problem for us.

Could someone please help me here




DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Did you also check the "apply the tag to underlying .." entities ?

If you did then this is your problem. If Dynatrace finds a process group under this specific host that is also available on other hosts, it will tag it and hence will provide the same tag to other entities without you requesting it specifically.

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