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The title of the Problem changes over time?



I have a question about the title of the Problem.

The document, Problem lifespan example, describes the following case.

  1. Dynatrace detects an infrastructure-level performance incident. A new problem is created for tracking purposes and a notification is sent out via the Dynatrace mobile app.
  2. After a few minutes, the infrastructure problem leads to the appearance of a performance degradation problem in one of the application's services.
  3. Additional service-level performance degradation problems begin to appear. So what began as an isolated infrastructure-only problem has grown into a series of service-level problems that each have their root cause in the original incident in the infrastructure layer.
  4. Eventually the service-level problems begin to affect the user experience of your customers who are interacting with your application via desktop or mobile browsers. At this point in the problem life span you have an application problem with one root cause in the infrastructure layer and additional root causes in the service layer.
  5. Because Dynatrace understands all the dependencies in your environment it correlates the performance degradation problem your customers are experiencing with the original performance problem in the infrastructure layer, thereby facilitating quick problem resolution.

At the #1, I guess that the name of Problem may be like "CPU saturation". Then the issue proceeds to #5, I guess that the name will change to like "User action duration degradation".

Could you tell me whether the title of the Problem changes over time? I'm planning to integrate the Problem of Dynatrace to other systems. I want to consider how to integrate the title to our system.

Noah Kobayashi


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Yes confirmed, the title as well as the severity level of a Dynatrace detected problem changes. The severity level can only raise from ressource -> slowdown -> error -> availability. The title changes according to the given situation.

Thank you for your answer! It's very helpful.

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