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Timeseries API with Webchecks


Hi all,

I was looking at the timeseriesid's in the Timeseries API and in particular the builtin:webcheck series. I was wondering what would you focus (filter) on to get this data? Can I, in some way, filter on one specific Webcheck ? Anybody used this part of the API?



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Dear Ray,

For WebChecks you can fetch all availability states or all performance metrics for each individual location configured or even for each step in case its a multi-step test. As filters you can use the entity, where you just have to enter the entity ID of your WebCheck.

In the upcoming release you will also have the possibility to filter for tags that were set on your WebChecks.

And yes there are of course customers using that part of the API.

Thanks for that Wolfgang. I know how quickly this part of the product is developing so is there any chance of getting a Roadmap/timeline of what may be coming in the near future releases ?

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