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Trigger new memory dump by schedule or by API call

Hello community!

Can i trigger new memory dump by schedule or by Dynatrace API call?

I have tried to look throw documentation, but can`t find something.

Please confirm that there is no such functional or correct me. Thank you.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Aleksander,
we currently do not plan to trigger memory dumps this way.

Janusz, thank you for confirmation and fast response!

Hello @Janusz D.

Do we have any road map for this important requirement?



Is this capability still ruled out? On the roadmap? This would be very helpful for my customer Social Security Administration 

Any news about this topic? I would like to underline how much important this feature is in prod envs where we cannot think to trigger them manually:


It's also quite important in our company. We don't have Java 11 yet and therefore can't use continuous profiling features yet. Possibility to automatically trigger memory dumps based on certain criteria/thresholds or schedule is a big requirement for us. 

Just to notify that, currently we are using the JVM parameter: -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError

It is the ootb way we can force the JVM to trigger a dump. It would be great if Dynatrace is at least aware of these dump. This way we can use the download feature offered by DT to manage them


Hello, we are implementing automation which require triggering a memory dump of a pod via API once it has been identified as a problem.

Therefore we are also requiring API access to triggering, viewing, and getting memory dumps.

Please implement this feature.


Justin Cunningham
Infrastructure Engineering Advisor, Digital Ops Hosting (DOH!)

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