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Trying to get the ID of a Management Domain



I found the following: 

@Solved: I'm trying to POST an event.. but where do I find the ENTITYID? - Dynatrace Community

but when I try the same to get the Managment domain and use it in an API call I get:

Cannot deserialize value:  

This is a portion of the URL id=e3fe8df4-

Question: how do I convert the value provided in the URL into a number that the API can understand?


Is there an API call that will give me the ID of the Managment Domain?




Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Is a Management Domain a Management Zone? If so, you can get the ID of a management zone either with the Management Zone API (using the old v1 API) or the Settings v2 API, using the builtin:management-zones schema Id.

Consider, however, that if you're trying to post an event, you can't push it to Management Zone, you need to choose one or multiple entities to push it to. A management zone is a settings object, meanwhile an entity is a host, a process, a service, etc. The closest thing you can do is use the entitySelector field to specify the Management Zone you want to use, but that would push the event to every entity in that Management Zone, so it's definitely not advised.


Thanks for the detailed answer and warning.

I only need the ID as I am I am trying to follow the following page Monitored entities API - GET entities list | Dynatrace Docs 


In this example, the request list services that belong to the management zones with the ID of 229130632296508575249. To achieve that, the entitySelector query parameter is set to type("SERVICE"),mzId("229130632296508575249")



I was trying to use setting api to get mz id using object id but not getting mz id as a part of response.


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