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V2 API - What is the best and fastest way to see if a certain process group instance is running on a server?


Short of dumping out the process groups timeseries data for a server, is there an easy way to see if a certain process group instance is running on a server?


So for lets say tag mytag:myserver, can I easily see of a process group instance named "Lou" is running?


I am currently dumping out all the PGI's for a certain time period for my server, but that takes a lot of time.


Any help is appreciated.




Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Entity selectors are pretty powerful and should be able to give you this quickly. Here is an example to view only hosts with a process group instance with a specified name running:




It will return only hosts that have a process group instance with that detected name running on it.


Basically you have your 'main' entity selector which in this example is just all HOSTs but you could limit it to ones with a certain tag, and then in the toRelationships.isProcessOf(...) we have a second entity selector which is for process group instances with that detected name.


Even if this isn't exactly what you need it should be enough to get started.




Thanks for responding. I am having a hard time trying to get this to work. Which V2 API your suggestion apply to? I am using the metrics API. Is that the wrong one?


Any help appreciated.



Ah, based on the use case I assumed this was under the monitored entities API. That is the API I used this in and would recommend for what you are looking for:

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