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problem api record limit


pulling problems with the api and expandDetails yes their appears to be an unadvertised limit of 5000 problems. This applies even if you are filtering with tags. So the limit will be reached once 5000 records are traversed even if the tags have limited the output to only a few records. No indication is given that any limit has been reached. This was discovered by trial and error.

I dont see anything in the doc about such a limit which seems very small considering that timeseries records can be pulled without any limit at all that I have yet discovered. Can this limit be increased at a site level.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


Problems v1 API does apply a safety limit of 5K problems per result. To query larger timeframes you have to change the timeframe and iterate back in time by using multiple queries.

Of course we know that this API usability in not optimal within problems v1 endpoint.

Therefore, the upcoming v2 problems endpoint will directly allow to page by showing the nextPageKey as well as the totalCount in the result json payload.

Problems v2 endpoint is expected to be available in summer timeframe.

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