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Adding new node failure



So we are trying to set up our new DYnatrace Interface.

I'll explain the architecture so you will understand.

We have 3 servers (3 clusters/nodes) each with a primary and a backup IP@

We installed the package on the first server with no problem.

Then we access the interface we add a new cluster and then we tried to install the package on the second server and we had an error message.

Adding new node failure.

Adding new node with ip failed. Reason: Cannot prepare network settings on Dynatrace cluster nodes. Error: Adding IP of this machine ("") to cluster node "" failed.

The 3 servers can very well communicate with each other so i don't really understand the problem.

Did anyone have this same problem before ?

Thank you for your answers.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Did you verify that all the required ports are open for traffic as required?

Yes the ports are well open and we can use them to communicate with the MC


Since you mention you have 2 NIC's, it's maybe best to force the inter-node communication on the prefered NIC address?

vi /opt/dynatrace-managed/installer/custom.settings
bindToNetworkInterface =

Restart the node and this setting will be permanent.

Hope it works,


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