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Types of logs in Dynatrace

While I was browsing through Dynatrace environment in cluster management I found different types of log, respectively:

- Service request level retention

- Service code level retention

- Real user monitoring retention

- Synthetic monitoring retention


1.Are those the different types of logs ?


2.I don't need the full explanation but just an overall view. As I guess real user monitoring concern the data relative to real user while synthetic concern the synthetic data of the " scenario " that we have been created. However I don't have any clue of what is service code and service request. Does one save the code respond and the other one the request made ? I don't think so, so that why I need the help of the answers dynatrace


I found this by googling the name of the above logs but I is not clear to me ""






DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Dynatrace does not store any transaction data in logs. For this are used elasticsearch, casandra and some encrypted files.


Regards, Sebastian

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