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Assign public IP to Dynatrace Managed cluster


Hello everyone, currently I have Dynatrace Managed cluster with my custom domain and my SSL as captured below:




But still my domain pointing to my private IP That server is in on-premise environment so it doesn;t have IP public address directly.


If I have IP public, is there any way that I could accessing my Dynatrace Managed Web UI using IP public? Let's say like using nginx proxy_pass or something similar with it.


Thank you.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

I recommend you to leverage a load balancer in front of your Dynatrace Managed cluster to access UI instead of exposing it directly over a public IP. Here's a help page that you may find useful:


If you still want to leverage a public IP, it's doable. Configure the Web UI IP address in all cluster nodes to your public IP. Then you'll need to enforce the regeneration of the Let's Encrypt certificate. You can do it by:

1. Opt-out from the automatic certificates in Settings -> Preferences; 
2. Upload a custom SSL certificate to your node on the Cluster node page.

3. Switch back the automatic certificates in Settings -> Preferences.


Hope this helps.

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Thank you for the solution

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