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Dynatrace | Kubernetes port opening query


Hi All, can someone suggest this query to me.


We are doing Kubernetes installation for that we have done port opening from application pods to our cloud based Azure and GCP AG and post when we try to install the activegate-pods is trying to connect to our cluster node which are on-prem server through port 443 but gets fail to connect.


We had done Port opening from AG to Cluster node on 9998 port unidirectional. But we haven't done any port opening from the cluster node to our AG.


So questions are here do we need to port the opening from the Cluster node to AG on 443 port ?



Sorry need to upgrade small mistake we had done Port opening from AG to Cluster node on 443 not for 9998 wrongly posted.

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @Siddhesh9,

is it possible to provide us with the error or the logs, if this is not possible, I do recommend opening a support ticket and the logs and other details related to the issue.

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