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Dynatrace Managed Oneagent/Activegate Session Tracking


Hello Community,

We have a need to be able to determine which token is being used on a specific call to our cluster ActiveGates in a Dynatrace managed environment.

Some background. We are currently monitoring network connections into our managed cluster. We have something connecting successfully to our Cluster ActiveGate on the /communication endpoint. We know the IP address of this connection and would like to determine:

  • The environment that this /communication post is for. Which environment is it supplying data for
  • The token identifier that authenticated this connection

I can't determine if this is coming from an activegate or a oneagent and I’m having a difficult time finding any API that would allow us to determine the token, client based on an originating IP.

Is there an API or another method to display what IP address a particular token was authenticated from?

How would you approach this problem?

Thanks everyone


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