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Dynatrace Managed - ServiceNow SaaS integration



I'm currently designing a Dynatrace Managed solution for one of my customer. We are also using ServiceNow SaaS.

So I want to use the Dynatrace/ServiceNow integration as described here Send Dynatrace notifications to ServiceNow | Dynatrace Docs.

Here I'm reading the there is an entry flow from ServiceNow to Dynatrace to enrich the CMDB. This entry flow from the internet (ServiceNow SaaS) to the local network (Dynatrace Managed) is a security concern for my customer.

Is there a way the revert the initiation of the flow: having a schedule or a webhook on the Dynatrace side which sends the topology information to ServiceNow ?




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Unfortunately this is the only official solution that is available

It is worth knowing that the SN add-on only triggers an API command that retrieves data from Dynatrace. You can further secure them in such a way that, for example, the tokens expire after some time (it will then be necessary to generate a new token)


Have a nice day!



I just had a chat with Domenico Rella. He suggested the following custom solution:

"so the way I imagine it is that the Synthetic would call the Monitored entities API v2 ( and in the post-execution script you fetch the result of this query and push it towards ServiceNow calling its API"

Does anyone try something similar ?

No, but in my opinion it is an additional complication that can fail.

Have a nice day!

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