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Dynatrace Managed maintenance

Hi guys,


have any of you experienced the same thing as what I am experiencing right now with Dynatrace Managed?




It might happen, especially if you are on a managed istance.

Usually you have to go trought the fundamentals, for example:

was your Vm doing good on the vCenter (disk latency / network connectivity ecc...)
was there any problem related to network
what were the event notified in your /cmc
did you run and download cluster diagnostic from /cmc

I can tell you in my case similar problem occured in two separate occasion:

- when I didn't registered my host names on the organization DNS server
- when there was a full backup (not an official Dynatrace backup method) on the VM and that sent the disk latency at super high timings

If nothings rings a bell you can always officially engage the support. Hope you will find a solution that fits you

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