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Dynatrace WEB UI balanced by F5


Hi, I just installed Dynatrace server on a 3-node cluster. Right now I can reach the CMC console by connecting both to the nginx balancer ( and directly passing through the nodes (eg https://salclt0885:8021/cmc). As a business rule, all applications must be balanced by an F5 balancer (because the console is reachable from all client networks). In this case do I have to directly balance the 3 nodes of the cluster from F5? Or I have to balance the nginx balanced endpoint ( Thank you



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

One of our customers load balances the Web UI by F5 pointing to the NGINX processes without any issues. But you have an incorrect URL, since the NGINX is listening on 443/tcp. Your URL ( ) points to the server directly.


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