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Dynatrace mobile app V3 webview keeps pointing to SaaS while connected to Managed


I'm trying to test the new Dynatrace app V3 for our company which offers quite some benefits compared to the old one. 


However one big issue I encounter is the fact that the "show in webview button keeps opening a browserscreen pointing to the SaaS login screen while I'm connected with a managed version. On the old version of the app this works well. 


Can this be fixed? For me this is a blocker to have it used by our business. 


A suggestion for a new feature would be the ability to connect directly to problem notification profiles or apply one or more filters with specific problem notification profiles. This would prevent users getting alarms for which they're not responsible for. 


p.s. I thought there was a generic feedback topic for the new app but I'm unable to find it anymore in the community. 



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

The mobile app v3 feedback post was here
FYI @wolfgang_beer regarding bug + feature request

iOS help:

Thanks @Pat for pointing me to the main thread again. As it already has the status "solved" I leave mine over here as it is. 

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Good catch, I will create a bug for that. 


Thanks for reporting!

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