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Dynatrace server (OneAgent) installation



I would like to install Dynatrace OneAgent on my personal laptop.

I could download the active gate and OneAgent installation files.

First of all I want to install Dynatrace server on one host . But I am not able to find out where to download Dynatrace server installer (for Windows) to set up cluster.

Please guide me.

My requirement

I am about to take up dynatrace oneagent project. before that I would like to try setting up Dynatrace oneagent environment on my local machine

on one host - dynatrace server installation

on 2nd host - oneagent (on application server)

on 3rd host - active gate



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

To install Dynatrace Managed server, you have to receive license. In E-mail that contains your commercial or POC license (depends of your status) you will have there link to download Managed Cluster.

If you already have one Managed Cluster and you want to install another one to make them work in HA you can download it from CMC page on exercising dynatrace cluster.

If you don’t have license at all I suggest go into to and click Start trial button. You will receive free 15 day SaaS tenant you can play with.

All binaries (OneAgents, ActiveGates) should be downloaded directly from your environment on particular tenant you have (It’s preconfigured).


Regards, Sebastian

Thank you sSebastian. I will follow your suggestion

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