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ESXi host monitoring


Hi Team,

Is it possible to install Dynatrace agent on VMware ESXi host? or do we use the VMware integration to pull the infra metrics?





DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Installation on VMware ESXi host is not supported. Please use the VMware integration and also be sure to check the other VMware extensions from Dynatrace HUB.

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Hi Juilus


We have installed VMware (remote monitoring) and configured. but alerts are not coming., What we need to do apart from enabling VMware (remote monitoring)


Dear @sundarv1 ,

you can check the available metrics from the extension details and go to the metric events from the setting - anomaly detection and enable the metrics



We are seeing available metrics from the extension details , but nothing is found in the metric events to enable it. what to do in this case?

If it’s not available then you need to create the metric event manually 

1. oh it is supposed to avaliable automatically when we install extension?., Any specific reason it is not coming automatically?

2. see the attached VMWARE docu. Vcenter alarms in coming the logs. any idea how do we catch and generate event,




Hi Esam_EID

1. Above setting is already enabled in our env

2. Why available metrics from the extension details is not showing automatically in the metric events.

3. some of the alerts are coming in logs(attached document). Please advise how do we capture it and alert


Hi Esam

we are getting this error from logs file after installation of VMWARE Extension

('Certificate Status on Datacenters',) Certificate Status on Datacenters is in red status.  But when we checked all certificates in vcenter and there are no issues. 

How do we identify the issue



I suggest you raise a case with the support team for the resolution 



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