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ElasticSearch and Dynatrace Dependency


We recently face issue that the dynatrace services fail to come up because of elasticsearch NFS mount point or repo isnt available or not able to connect.

Similiar to this one ""

The things that baffles us is

1) Why would a backup mount point be a depdency and cause the Dynatrace not able to start up?

2) The logs also arent useful to tell us or pinpoint us the possible cause despite a SEVERE error.

3) More frastructing when you ask support for KB to troubleshoot such issue it doesnt appear there is one or they are not aware of one.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Do you have the node cluster installed with Elastic in NFS drives?
Because this is far from being recommended.


@PacoPorro .We did follow the recommendation. 

The NFS file systems is meant for backup purposes. It isnt our primary storage. 

Backup NFS drive is not a dependency to start Dynatrace.

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