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How is the location of data center detected in Dynatrace?

In some customer environment, I can see which data center the host belongs to while some other I can't. What makes the difference and it works actually?



Hello @Wai Keat C. ,

For physical servers , City of the server is mentioned as DC location .

For virtualized infrastructure , DC is detected from vmware , AWS , Azure .

PLease refer below link from official documentation :

As a simple test , you can install oneagent in your local machine and point it o DYnatrace SAAS instance and it will show you your machines's oneagent residing in a DC(name of your city).


Himanshu Mor

Hi Himashnu

Our physical and virtual servers are located in Australia. But in the properties of host - it is showing as UnitedStates. 

Any idea from where it is picking Unitedstates as Geo Location.


settings -> Web & mobile monitoring -> Map IP addresses to locations  - No location is mapped here


Hey Wai,

Also, if you set up IP ranges in Settings -> Web & mobile monitoring -> Map IP addresses to locations and your hosts fall into those IP ranges, it will also determine that location as a Datacenter. This is a manual way of defining your own Datacenter configuration in Dynatrace.



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