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IP Public for Cluster ActiveGate


Hello all, I have some questions regarding cluster active gate:

- My user have policy that IP public only for DMZ . Is it possible to using cluster active gate but the public IP not directly on it server?


- My user also have some EC2 on AWS but using Dynatrace Managed. Is it possible to set oneagent on that EC2 to send data to CAG while my CAG already being used for RUM?


Thank you.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @agylpradipta 

Yes as much as possible it is possible.
You can install a CAG on a machine in the DMZ and do IP address forwarding at the firewall level. For your second question, this architecture is also supported. You indicate in the OA configuration on AWS the bearing of your CAG.

Here you have the whole architecture:


Have a nice day!

Thank you @radek_jasinski for the insight

You are welcome:)

Have a nice day!

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