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Possibilities to Download OneAgent from Cluster ActiveGate


Hello All,

I have condition as follows:

- 1 Managed Cluster Dynatrace

- 1 Cluster Activegate with Public Address

- 1 EC2 instance that cannot directly connect to managed cluster


Is it possible to download OneAgent using cluster activegate address?

Thank you.


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

You can use the OneAgent download API but unfortunately, you have to either call the Dynatrace Managed cluster directly or make the call through an Environment ActiveGate, you can't use a cluster ActiveGate for this.

Hi @agylpradipta ,

If the solution proposed by @victor_balbuena  does not meet your expectations, you can still do a workaround involving the use of a local repository in your organization, where you will place the current versions of OneAgent.


Have a nice day!

I guess this is the best option available right now. Thank you @radek_jasinski for the insight.

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