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Local self-monitoring environment

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

With Dynatrace Managed 1.230, a Local self-monitoring environment is available. Initial documentation is scarce:

Now that I have had access to one such environment, it seems that no new information is available there, as all the dsfm metrics seem to be available in the other cluster environments. I was also expecting to have some information from the OneAgent that runs on the Managed server, but that seems to be unavailable too. Also, no default dashboards are available in the newly created environment.

Do other Managed users have access to new information? If so, please share 😄

Antonio Sousa


I've read a few posts now regarding this, and really wonder why this is not available yet? Running a managed platform that you're unable to monitor yourself put you in really tough spot if you're monitoring customers that rely on the information that Dynatrace provides them.


Seen from earlier posts, it seemed like a dashboard were already in place, so I'm curious as to why this has not been published yet?

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Hello Antonio,

As you mentioned, with Dynatrace Managed 1.230 the Local self-monitoring environment was enabled for Managed clusters. You are right - the self monitoring metrics are also available in the environments.

But the self-monitoring metrics are also aggregated for all environments in the self-monitoring environment as well. Further description of the self-monitoring metrics can be found here:


We just released a new self-monitoring dashboard for the self-monitoring environment via the Hub that uses the aggregated self-monitoring metrics. To enable it, go to the Hub in your self-monitoring environment and enable the extension Dynatrace Self-Monitoring (Managed).


As yous stated, this is the first release of this new approach of self-monitoring for Managed and does not contain all the metrics that one would like to have. We are offering a first set of self-monitoring metrics in this self-monitoring environment and plan to improve the self-monitoring. Over time, you will see more self-monitoring metrics that will be available in the self-monitoring environments.




Hello @ChristophHoyer 

It is really nice that finally we have something to montior ourselves. I tried and found that several metrics are totally not working e.g.

  • dsfm:server.management_zones.active_conditions
  • dsfm:cluster.utilization.overall:avg:splitBy():max

I am expecting that sooner all type of metrics will be fixed to utilize this great feature with the full potential.




Its been more than 25 months since this post. 50 version increase. 

1) Do we now have more and working metrics that we can use or configure?

2) Are we able to configure them onto our own configure dashboard?

If not folks. please help to bump this up! Thanks!

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your questions, but I assume you've read the documentation relating to self-monitoring metrics and Managed self-monitoring?

As per @ChristophHoyer's post, there is a preset dashboard available via the Hub for Managed, but nothing stops you from building your own dashboards using the dsfm: metrics.

Yes. But the available metrics in the list is so limited.

Also Babar_Qayyum mentioned is not working (as per his last reply above)

That'a 2 year old post.

I just verified that these two metrics does in fact work now. 
There's over 188 DSFM metrics to play around with - so i suggest you try it out before suggesting it's limited 😉

Hmm. What are we missing here. Kindly advice

On the local-self-monitoring environment. We only have 69 DSFM metrics. 

On our other environments. We only have 30 DSFM metrics. 

What version are you running on now?
I have 188 DSFM (including those not reporting) metrics on a Managed 1.276.

That cluster we were on was 1.280

On another cluster where we upgraded last week to 1.282

One environment has 50 DSFM metrics . Another environment has 25 DSFM metrics.

How do we see the full list? It seems we only see what is applicable for the environment.

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Yes true,

That's why (unfortunately), I'm not exploring that area a lot.

Sharing Knowledge

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

As I have worked with Managed customers, I also partner with Dynatrace Account reps that grant us access to a SaaS environment which monitors our Managed Instance. It was a pretty cool set up, basically Dynatrace monitoring Dynatrace. Not only did we get metric data on our clustered nodes running our managed instance etc... but we also had RUM Metrics of our users. How many people are using Dynatrace, what are they using, how long etc... Really great metrics for ROI Etc. 



Interesting that you mention RUM metrics. Are they the same that we see in SaaS Account Lens?

Antonio Sousa

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