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Managed self-monitoring dashboards

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Is anyone using the Managed self-monitoring dashboards described in the following link?

Antonio Sousa

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hello Antonio

The preview for the mentioned self-monitoring dashboards is closed and the customers will receive the corresponding links shortly. So to answer your question: right now no customer is using the dashboards from the blog post yet.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards



Hi Michael,

Are there any updates on this one? We are eagerly awaiting for it 🙂

Antonio Sousa

Hi Antonio

The feature has not yet reached GA. We got a lot of valuable insights from customers enrolled in the preview and are working on it.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.


I enrolled in the preview in the very beginning, but didn't get it 😞

Antonio Sousa


@Wolfgang S. Hello

Any date when will self-monitoring dashboards come out ?

Hello Mikhail

Self-monitoring dashboards for managed customers not enrolled with D1 premium have not yet reached GA.

If you would like to be added to the preview please reach out to your Dynatrace contact / guardian.

Best regards




dashboard tiles published in blog post mentioned above look great.
We are responsible for many Dynatrace managed instances in our APM service - then we would like to get it as GA or be part of prewiew.

I would like to see also user/usage perspective for Dynatrace application - in ideal case something like "DT Managed RUM"

BR, Josef

@michaelwinkler could you give us an update where we are with this? The dashboard in the blog post 9 months ago already looked quite finished, what is stopping the move to GA?


The blog post didn't mention it, but I hope disk usage metrics are also included. I would love to see e.g. how the transaction storage usage has changed over the past months, so that I can better evaluate the LVM extend needed.

Hi Kalle

Thanks for reaching out. Based on the customer feedback we gathered in the preview phase we are reworking our self-monitoring approach to allow more flexibility for our customers.

@ChristophHoyer is driving this and can share more information.


This was pretty much the state in augustus 2020. Since the preview closed in June 2020, I am wondering about the actual timeline.

Kind regards, Frans Stekelenburg                 Certified Dynatrace Associate |, Dynatrace Partner


@ChristophHoyer @michaelwinkler To be honest, I think this should have been the starting point for Dynatrace. We're working on implementing Dynatrace Managed, and I keep getting surprised by issues - processes requiring a restart, disk space issues, you name it. For a monitoring solution, this is downright bad. How can we expect the users to have confidence in Dynatrace when we can't even monitor the basics of Dynatrace itself? This really needs to be done FAST. We're very happy with the information we're getting from Dynatrace, our users are very eager to start using it for real, but this is becoming a real threat to that success. It's coming to the point where I am starting to create Dynatrace monitoring in SCOM, just to keep from firefighting.

Hello, we fully understand the need of improving self-monitoring and are working on a new approach for managed self-monitoring with new dashboards. Would you have time in the next days/week for a quick chat to discuss further?

@ChristophHoyer Absolutely. Are you able to get hold of my contact details? Not a big fan of sharing them through a forum...

Yes - I'll contact you per email.

IMO it will be a good idea also to add information regrading DTMC sizeing to those dashboards.

dynatrace certificated professional - dynatrace master partner - Matrix Soft Ware Division - Israel


As version 0.1 of this, I'd be happy to just see the Managed cluster node CPU/mem/disk utilization graphs. It feels a bit unnecessary to ask for that information from elsewhere, like Dynatrace support/chat or checking via Patrol etc., when I know that OneAgent is there and the monitoring data already exists.

Well, yes... Though there's still no way to see data from the OneAgents running on Managed cluster nodes, i.e. node-specific CPU, memory and disk utilization. I'm especially interested in following the transaction storage usage trend.

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