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Multiple Dynatrace Managed deployments with one contract



We have a question about Dynatrace managed deployment and contract/license.

We are now planning to deploy Dynatrace Managed to both of the production and development environment. Each environment is on the separated network, and we do not want to allow communication between those env. So we need to deploy Dynatrace Managed server to each env.

In this case, can we deploy 2 Dynatrace Managed servers(1 to prod, rest to dev) with 1 same contract? Or we need 2 contracts?
If we can do that, can we use host-unit in either env with the 1 same contract?

Best Regards,
Noah Kobayashi


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

AFAIK license cannot be shared across multiple Dynatrace managed clusters. Thus you cannot share the license pool between clusters. I don't know if you can have multiple licenses on one signed contract. That's a question for your sales representative.

If it is feasible in your case, I would recommend having a single installation (prod) with private security gateway in one environment (dev) and allow just that one single connection from this gateway to cluster. In the Dynatrace managed cluster you will define two tenants - dev (with the private gateway mentioned before) and prod (probably without gateway unless it's required for some reason). Then you can easily share host units / RUM / synthetic licenses across both environments.

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