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My Process is not being restarted even after i restarted it


As shown in the screen shot please help that the process is asking to take restart even after i restarted it The message showing is " The process must be restarted due to inconsistent host identifier".

But the process was restarted just 15 min before ; I am not able to get what is  the meaning of  inconsistent host identifier why does it shows so when the host is deployed .



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Have you verified the entries in the OneAgent logs?
You can find them here:




There could be many probable causes, but it is necessary to verify what you have in the log.

Have a nice day!

Thanks for the reply but are there any other way we could solve this in UI or by restarting the server once again 

What I can suggest to you:

- restart the application process and this should normally work
- restart the whole server where OA and the problematic process are installed
- verify support for your version of the application process (
- download the logs using the support archive - you will not need to log into the server (


Have a nice day!


Hi all.

Anyone managed to solve this? We 've run on the same issue but on k8s nodes...

Any help would be valuable.



Seeing the same issue in our k8s environment also.

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