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NATing incoming ClickPath robots 9999 port requests to internal Cluster ActiveGate


Hello Gents!

Is it possible to use Cluster ActiveGate in the way then Cluster ActiveGate is hidden inside corp perimeter but we publish 9999 port outside to Internet on our border firewall and doing all incoming 9999 requests NAT-ing forwarding requests to internal Cluster ActiveGate host.

I know how to do all NAT related stuff but do not understand how let ClickPath robots know that they need to report synthetic tests results to our border firewall 9999 instead of real Cluster ActiveGate IP.

Are there on ActiveGate any settings for real_IP and Internet_published_IP_for _robots ?


Regards, Igor


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Yes, this is a configurable property named "Cluster ActiveGate URL" in the CMC. This has to be set to the publicly available URL (if you are using synthetic). You can use any NAT or application firewall to forward the port.
There is also a test button, so you can check your configuration if the data beacons from synthetic tests will pass correctly.

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Thank you Julius!

By your hint i found it here:

Best regards, Igor

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