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Oneagent goes offline(Unmonitored state) for a longtime

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I Have 4 hosts monitored and one of them goes offline. In Monitoring tab, it said Oneagent is offline but when I checked Dynatrace oneagent still running in the host process. Oneagent is running on Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit) and I have tried restarting oneagent service via oneagentctl nothing changed.  Any suggestion or Idea to get it back online I left it offline for 70+ days




Did you checked the network connectivity? which AG is supposed to receive the traffic from that agent. try also to restart dynatrace services from services window.




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Hello Islam,

I tried to run .\oneagentctl.exe --get-server on the unmonitored host and got this "Encountered malformed line - key-value separator not found" I ran this on a normal host and it was fine only for this one host. Any idea how to fix this issue

Thank you for your reply


I think the easiest way is to reinstall the agent again on the host with the latest update. or you can open a support ticket to go through the troubleshooting.

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Thank you for your suggestion I already opened a support ticket, If it comes down to reinstalling the agent that is fine by me

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