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We use e.g. Mobile App Monitoring for the monitoring of mobile apps in our company environment. The "Dynatrace Mobile App" now has access to the platform over the same communication. Users with already few rights on our Dynatrace Managed Platform can get access to the data collected by Dynatrace via the "Dynatrace Mobile App" (in their monitoring context). Can I restrict this if my employer does not want me to access the data collected by Dynatrace via the Dynatrace Mobile App?

The Dynatrace Mobile App itself is basically not password protected, i.e. a user can download the app and configure it with the token available in the platform. The mobile phone then has access to the Dynatrace data. If, for example, a user leaves his mobile unattended, someone unauthorised can open the Dynatrace app and view the corresponding data.

So there are a few questions for me:
- Is it possible to restrict or block access to the APM data in Dynatrace Managed via the mobile app?
- Couldn't the app itself be protected by default with a password or, for example, with Apple Touch ID?
- Couldn't the administrator specify in the settings of the Dynatrace Managed platform that only a Dynatrace Mobile App with e.g. Touch-ID may have access?

I know that this sounds a bit shrewd, but in a certain IT environment such security issues have to be dealt with. Thank you for your feedback. If there are already possibilities, I am grateful. If not, I will create an idea for this topic and talk to our Customer Success Manager of Dynatrace.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

On mDynatrace Managed environments the access via mobile app can be disabled completely, at least for the version 2 of our mobile App. As Version 3 uses the standard REST APIs I'm not sure if this is possible - any idea @wolfgang_beer ?

also FYI @wolfgang_beer for biometric ID lock feature input for new app

iOS help:

Thanks harp. For understanding. It would be great if you could only restrict or control the access of the Dynatrace Mobile App, the monitoring itself (Mobile App or Digital Experience Monitoring) should continue to work. And the "icing on the cake" would be if you could specify via the Dynatrace Managed platform the conditions under which the Dynatrace Mobile App is allowed to access.

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