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Precise DDU consumption in Managed environment?

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I have a Managed environment where license is rotating in some days.

In CMC, I have a message that I have consumed 3.15 M DDUs out of 3.2mil DDUs. Now that gives me between 45000 and 55000 DDUs left. With the higher figure I would be OK, but not with the lower. And I believe that the values that are in CMC might not be the most recent, as it seems to not incorporate the last two hours.

Getting a more precise value hasn't been easy. I tried the Cluster APIs, but they don't seem to get that information. Given it's only one environment, I went through the tenants Consumption menu, and then went to the corresponding Data Explorer for each one of the pools, did Single Value and Format none, summed them up in a calculator, and got what seams the real value. Summing them in Data Explorer would also seem to be an option...

Does someone have a way to get more precise values? And are the assumptions I made valid?

Antonio Sousa

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @AntonioSousa ,

you are right, I'm using the data explorer as well, and I've created a dashboard to get the DDUs consumption, also, there is a good DDU license consumption dashboard, you will find it in the demo environment "guu84124"

Best Regards,


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Yes, that dashboard is great, and we have improved it ourselves.

I have just added a new tile for the sum of DDU usage. I used the following metric expression, with Single Value and Format:None, for the total amount of DDUs consumed in a certain period:

builtin:billing.ddu.metrics.byEntity:splitBy():sum:default(0) + builtin:billing.ddu.log.byEntity:splitBy():sum:default(0) + + builtin:billing.ddu.serverless.byEntity:splitBy():sum:default(0) + builtin:billing.ddu.traces.byEntity:splitBy():sum:default(0)


Antonio Sousa

Hi @AntonioSousa ,

In addition to all of this i made use of a licensing extension developed by one of the extension team, it handled splitting liceninsg by managmentzone , and i used it with a client to split by tag (due to how granular the data was DDU by tag were a rough estimation). 

This project did end a year ago so it may have changed a bit since i last used it.

It may be worth reaching out to the Extension Team to show you what it can do if you are interested.


Luke Hearth

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