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Synthetic script hits test user session limit



We have started to use Dynatrace Managed Synthetic click path tests to replicate a test user logging in, doing a few functions within the web portal, and then signing out. This is a global application so we want to run the tests from a large amount of locations. Unfortunately, the timing of when the probes run the test, it can hit the 3 concurrent session limit for one user ID.
Our security team really doesn't want to allow us to have a large number of test users. So that approach won't work.

Anyone else have ideas on a way around hitting this session limit? It would be nice if you could choose to only run each probe (location) in a serial fashion to avoid several probes all logging in at the same time.


Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

What is your goal? Load/Stress or performance?

Our goal is to not hit a 3 session limit when doing tests. Our app has a 3 session limit that can get extinguished if the scripts fail or they run too often.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Matthew,

if your main goal is to run the test from as many locations as possible you could increase the interval. We try to equally space out executions between the configured interval. For example, if you're running the clickpath from 20 locations every 60 min, every clickpath execution has 3min to finish and you will not see any concurrent sessions.

Kind regards, Philipp

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