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Why does requests to monitored hosts appear under "requests to unmonitored hosts" ?


We currently have 2 monitored consumer nodes that interact with 4 monitored server nodes through an unmonitored load balancer. How can we tell dynactrace that all request sent to the load balancer actually end up in the monitored servers?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

This can happen when the Dynatrace tag, which is added by OneAgent in the upstream host, is removed before it gets to the downstream host. Therefore the downstream host OneAgent does not see any Dynatrace tag and thus transactions are reported as a 'new' purepath on the downstream host. The upstream OneAgent data is then reported as calling 'unmonitored hosts'.

To resolve this, ensure that the load balancer allows the Dynatrace tag thru and does not strip the web request of 'unknown' tags.

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