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Houston we have a problem ... we loose OneAgent traffic



i finish all idea's

i've same strange case where traffic is dropped from same host (not all, and sometimes in different hours) for some hours and after reappear. (Unix host - Http.d process group).

Seem that in same condition, OneAgent stop collecting data. For sure is not HU limit issue but seem injection is loosed under not know (to me) condition. checking process group seem to be random and effecting not all host serving the same application ..

Do you experience something similar ?

Thank you in advance. Any suggestion is appreciated



Hi @Domenico B.

I would start with looking into the OA logs under the os directory.


Hi @Yos N.

thank you for reply.I'm not so expert about this logs. Do you have any suggestion ? What i have to looking for ?

Thank You Domenico

Hi @Domenico B.,

Look for error messages around the time of the loss of data.

Pay attention that the log time are on UTC time.

But I think a faster way will be to be in touch with dynatrace one thru the in-product-chat or directly open a ticket at support



Hi @Yos N.

thank you. I opened a ticket as suggested but i want to deep and learn more to be more expert an autonomous in managing my installation. There are a lot of log files to be checked and is not so easy if i do not know what i'm looking for


Yep lots of information in the logs... usually hovering the errors and info around the time of problem helps to find the issue.

And if you get lost there ask help from support as John Belushi said "when the going gets tough, the tough get going."



Is it Managed or SaaS? ALR?

it's a managed

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Can you clarify what you mean by "loose traffic"? A screenshot? Can you include a screenshot of the host memory (or CPU) metric during the timeframe when you were loosing traffic?

Hi @Joseph M. H.

i mean .. no more data. We restart Services today and start working again. But i need to understand root cause.

I was hoping to get a screenshot of the host memory (or CPU) metric during this period. This would be important to determine if just monitored technology data was lost, or if infrastructure data was also lost. TIA.

Hi @Joseph M. H.

no other metric are available like in infra mode only. But i'm in full stack mode. This is strange.


Hi Domenico,

Just posted a similar question, looks the same or completely different?

KR Henk

Hi @Henk S.

i check your question and i answer to you. In my case i take error 404 from JavaScript in All pages. In your case seem to some something i see in the past. let's try and let's me know 🙂