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Is it possible to add/view the Agent logs



Is it possible to add the logs of Dynatrace Agent itself?

KR Henk



I don't see why not, you can add them in via the custom log detection. This support article will help you set up log file detection manually. Let me know if you need a hand!


Hello Chat,

Thanks for your reply but, I have noticed that the log option does not exists in the PG from the oneagent,

So I presume I need to add the path to another process?

KR Henk

When you look up the Oneagent on a host and you click on that process, then click into the Process Group, do you have the option to select edit?


Hi Chat, I have no edit option )-;

KR Henk

ahh, then it might not be possible. I would recommend tossing in a RFE for that then. I dont see why we couldn't monitor the log files. It would be nice to have them all in one spot.