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SLO returned as N/A due to "empty" metric calculation


Hi all,

before opening a RFE I would like to understand if there is a way to solve this: We have an application where users can browse several funnels, we created a custom metrics to count the user actions for each funnel and we configured some key request for each funnel that report about problems with the current user action in the funnel. We created a SLO to measure the percentage of ok actions against ko actions using this formula:


(CustomMetricResponseTime_CountOfTotalActionInTheFunnel - KeyRequestCount_SumOfTotalKoActionInTheFunnel) / CustomMetricResponseTime_CountOfTotalActionInTheFunnel * 100


The problem here is that if, in the timeframe, there aren't any Ko actions the metric for the key user action (KeyRequestCount_SumOfTotalKoActionInTheFunnel) is returned as empty (Not "null" or "0") and for this reason the SLO is reported as N/A (Phylosophically as the measure is a count a "0" should be returned).

I tried to apply several transformation to the metrics (:default(0), :fold, +(1), etc) to obtain a valid value that could be used in calculation but with no result.

Does anyone have a solution for this?





DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Depending on if you are a Managed or SaaS customer, Dynatrace SaaS is rolling out a cluster update which contains updates to SLOs. I would recommend reviewing the SLO once you get the latest update 1.229