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ActiveGate - Recommended limits


Hi there,
Just looking to a possible Managed Cluster deployment and I'm having trouble tracking down some details on ActiveGates.
The main question is what is the recommended maximum Hosts that an ActiveGate should service?

And how would increasing the resources of the ActiveGate effect that amount?

This should hopefully shed some light on how many public gateways I would be looking at per node based on size.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello Kyle,

A single Security Gateway can manage up to 2,000 OneAgents. However, performance problems can arise at such high volume. If this happens, add at least one more Security Gateway to your network. You don’t need to install all Security Gateways initially—you can add additional Security Gateways at any time.

Review the below link for more insight.

In principle, public Managed Security Gateway is an optional component. However, installing a public Managed Security Gateway is a prerequisite for the various cases mentioned in the below documentation.



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