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Automated tagging service level tagging rules for importance/severity


Hi all,


We are looking for a way to define the importance/severity of each individual service. We are already using the DT_CUSTOM_PROP variable to define additional process group metadata and our initial thought was to define the service importance in this variable but it doesn't seem like this will work.

For example, APP A has 2 detected services:


    Tag{Importance: HIGH}
    Tag{Importance: LOW}

Has anyone tried doing something similar? We don't want to set 1 severity/importance level per process group since each individual service is different.


There is tagging using the Custom Tags API but this is something that would have to happen outside of the deployment (whereas metadata is part of the deployment process).



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

so what you could do is add custom metadata at the time of onboarding, like you have done, or you can always run a script to add/remove/change the metadata. Keep in mind, any metadata at the process level would need to have the process recycled. 


Now you could apply a tag, that grabs the value from the process/Group and apply it to the service under it. AS you mentioned tho, you have 2 services under one process where 1 service is high the other is low, so what you could do it manually tag them, but that would be cumbersome, or separate them into their own process groupings, so the High and Lows are group accordingly. 


You could also put in a service naming rule, where you add the importance to the name of the service and you could define it out. You could also do the same via auto tagging rules but you might need to create one for each specific Service. 


I would also recommend tossing in a RFE as there is a limitation with Meta Data on services. 




Appreciate the response Chad, we'll be trying out some of the more automated options.

There's definitely a limitation here as from a naming perspective you cannot use placeholders to check the value of the tag or dig into the metadata.

For example: Tag Service with X if the Process Group tag contains the {Service:DetectedName}.


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