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Dynatrace Flashcards & Quiz


Hi community.

With documentation support database in the Dynatrace site, since September 2019 i have created my own study guide for help me get a certification and i have updated monthly.

i Would like to share to other people will study to help achieve Dynatrace Certification.

Quiz: Dynatrace:: Become a Jedi Master have 1300+ questions and answers and available at


Tiago Stello


Frequent Guest

Hi Tiago, Looks fantastic,is it for Associate certification exam? Or mix study materials also for professional? On the end of March, I will have Associate certification exam and I try to find materials for study. Thanks for response. By the way what about you and certification is done? Can you share with me your materials for example like PDF file, I would like to printing.

Hi Jiri.

Yes, mixed study materials for associate and professional Dynatrace Certifications.

I don't have PDF, was created online to share with everyone.



Tiago Stello

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This is really cool and a great way to prepare for your Dynatrace exams along with the Dynatrace taste of the exams! 


Thanks Chad!


Tiago Stello