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Customized Dashboards/Tiles


I have seen some fancy Dashboards/Tiles in demo.dynatrace environment whereby tiles/dashboards have images and icons rather than a letter for the dashboard name. How did the creators achieve that. Can Dynatrace developers add this rich functionality to allow flexibility in adding media content/ images to our dashboards and tiles with just a drag and drop in edit mode? Maybe even change the dashboard name to show an icon?

Dynatrace Certified Associate

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

As I remember this feature is on roadmap for dashboards. But I don’t remember when this should be GA. but if this is in demo it will happen rather soon.


Regards, Sebastian

Great I like the iconified tiles and dashboards. Adds a lot of flair and context to the environment. We shoud even be able to put the logo of the client on their Dashboards

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Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Sebastian is correct. Image support for markdown tiles is on the roadmap. However, it shouldn't exactly be expected to be available in the short term. This is due to it's low criticality more a mid to long-term objective.

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DynaMight Legend

No guys, it's just a clever use of non-ascii characters from UTF-8 character set 🙂 The first character of the dashboard name is taken as an icon for the dashboard.

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I thought that question is about extended markdown tile with logo embedding 🙂 there was discussion about it

Regards, Sebastian


@Erick C. Are you looking to add an Emoji to the Dashboard Placeholder image?

There is Quite a simple solution for this. This can also be applied on markdown tiles and any tiles where you can customize the name spaces.

Take a look at this Use Case we have here:

Thank you,


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