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Changing the name of the Data Center for the hosts

Dynatrace Contributor
Dynatrace Contributor

Do you want to configure the name of the data center for your hosts on the Dynatrace portal? This can be easily done by just entering the Public IP of the Data Center or the Range of IP's that you want to be mapped to the Data Center.


Community Team
Community Team

Any Geo located Data center can be overwritten by going to the Settings from the Burger menu. Under Settings Select Real User Monitoring, navigate to Geographic Regions and Create a Custom region rule.

The Country + City Combination will be added as the Data Center on the Hosts screen and the servers within the specified IP range will be mapped to this new Data Center.

This can be done for only the Geo located Data Centers that are shown by Dynatrace any other Data Centers which are detected by API's (AWS) cannot be overwritten.


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