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DQL Tips and Tricks - Parsing Log Data Across a Multi-Line Log

Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

If you're like me, you're probably brand new to the DQL world and are quickly trying to learn everything you can when it comes to DQL queries.


I recently had a client request a query to pull 2 specific fields out of a log and display them with on the log table within Dynatrace's new Logs and Events (Powered by Grail) tab. After some time, I got a solution that worked exactly how they wanted, and figured others might want the information I discovered.


Here's the setup:

  • The task was to 'grab text from a multi-line log file and report it out (one being a string called ITN and an IP address called client_ip)'


Here's the DQL query I used:



fetch logs
| filter contains(content, "Order modify unsuccessful") and == "tomcat"
| parse content, "DATA 'Order modify unsuccessful' SPACE STRING:ITN"
| parse content, "DATA 'clientIpAddress' LD ':' DQS:client_ip"
| fields timestamp, content, ITN, client_ip




And here's what the output table looks like:


The key points to note on this query:

  • The 'DATA' content type is used to parse multi-line logs
    • This had me stumped for a while as I was using LD (which only works on a single line of log data)
  • The single quote 'Order modify unsuccessful' sets us up to point to the log data right after this string
    • SPACE picks up a white space in between the last string and the next set of data we want to parse
  • 'STRING:ITN' tells the query to look for a string as the next set of log data, and save that string to a variable called 'ITN
  • The next parse line is very similar to the previous one, except we want to pull out the IP address that's enclosed between double quotes
    • 'DQS:client_ip' pulls out any data that exists between a set of double quotes, and saves it to the variable called 'client_ip'
      • Technically I could have used IPADDR here, but DQS made it easier for me to get the exact data
  • The final line of the query just gives us a clean output table which displays the relevant information, namely the timestamp of the log, log content, and our 2 custom variables


That's it! I've posted a mock log file below this as well if folks want to give it a try on their own time:



2023/03/15 16:05:48.279 [ERROR] http-ono-8080-heyo-117 (com.test.are.we.OrderES) -> {"testTransactionID":"123-456-789-10101-F90000000009","clientIpAddress":""},
ErrorException: [2405] Order modify unsuccessful (AB23JK)
	at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(




Hope this is helpful to anyone just starting out with DQL queries!


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Thank you for these tips and tricks @chris_smerek 


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