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DSFM metrics: Active Gate internal metrics

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Hi, everyone!


A few day ago, I stumbled across some metrics I have not yet seen before: they all started with "dsfm"... and they gave surprising information!


Things like Active Gate, Extensions, :dynatrace: Cluster data... something I have never seen made public by Dynatrace!


A few examples:



I have searched on the documentation, and have found no information on this... so, I figure it might be really new, right? 👀


As I really needed some info on an Active Gate for a client, I already produced a simple (but really helpful :eye_of_sauron:) dashboard:




I got really excited, as this opens a world of insightful possibilities!

This is great! :party_blob:



Best regards, Pedro Deodato

Have to admit, right now the Product team has move so fast so that, the Documentation team is too 'slow' to catch-up with them to update the Doc.


But who know? Is this a good sign or bad sign 🤷🏻‍♂️


In Local Self monitoring, I cant find the dsfm data for Active Gate JVM CPU Usage% however when I switch to my managed tenant, I can see its data. The documentation team really needs to catch up so that we can know how to use this DSFM and local self monitoring wisely for client benefits.

Hello @Raj 

Did you find the below metric? What is the cluster version?








Hi Babar, yes I am able to see the metric however when I run the query, it says No Data. Cluster version is 1.230.138

Hello @Raj 

Strange. You are already on the latest version. Did you filter out the ActiveGate hosts?

What is the version of ActiveGates?



Yes I did filter AG hosts but AG are on version 1.227 - does it needs to be increased to any particular version in order to see their metric data? I even raised a support ticket and yet to hear from them on this issue.


Thanks Babar,  I used the above code  - I hope this is useful to others in order  to see the incoming and outgoing traffic on our Active Gates - since we monitor our In House Infra using a DT located in the cloud.


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