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How Do I Export PurePaths in DT Managed?


Our organization is migrating from AppMon to DT Managed and I need to be able to extract purepaths from a given session.  In AppMon this was accomplished using REST calls to an endpoint "/rest/management/dashboard/<dashboard_name>".


Is this functionality available in DT Managed?  Can you point me to the doc?







Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi JT, raw PurePath export is not available because deep diagnostic level visibility is a point in time solution. Dynatrace's mantra is answers, not just raw data. Digging through thousands of PurePaths one by one is not sustainable. What you can do in Dynatrace is create Calculated Service Metrics [CSMs] (see also this blog post).


Calculated service metrics allow you to track more granular options than the default metrics. They are particularly potent when combined with request attributes as this allows you to create on demand business transactions which, unlike AppMon, can be queried and filtered in realtime.


As one example, if you need to track the number of "gold level" users who purchased a particular product, a CSM (and potentially a request attribute to capture the "gold level" aspect), once set up, that count will be stored in Dynatrace timeseries data. Meaning you can chart it and don't have to dig through every PurePath individually.


In addition, calculated service metrics (and their equivalent for applications) allow you to create Service Level Objectives to track anything in Dynatrace.

Thanks, Adam.  We have an APM framework that we built around previous versions of Dynatrace (AppMon and even before I believe).  We're just starting the process of updating our solution to work with DT Managed.  As you mention above, I think we're going to find there are better ways to do what we've been doing.  Specifically, calculated service metrics sound like a way we can leverage DT Managed to handle a good bit of the processing we have been doing externally.  


I'll definitely check out the links you shared.  I'm eager to learn more.




One quick question.  When I create a calculated service metric and save it should it become visible when I click on Analyze / Metrics?  I don't see it there.  I only see "builtin" metrics.



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