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Need Help Setting Up UFO


We have started setting up our UFO. We have a few questions:

-UFO is connected to our Guest wifi that allows Peer to Peer so we can hit the Web UI for the UFO. Our other Wifi's do not allow peer to peer
-Guest wifi is a different VLAN then the Dynatrace Clusters
-Environment ID and the Token Code for our Production Environment has been put into the UFO Settings
-With another Laptop (On Guest Wifi) we can access the UFO Rest API and click set and watch each light show, however, when an issue appears the ufo does not signal it.
-IP Address seems to change after a while and we have to unplug and replug the UFO to get the IP from the light show.

  • Do we need to be on the same VLAN as the environment? Or can we do it via the active-gate in our DMZ?



Success! The other day we successfully connected our Dynatrace UFO to our Managed Environment.

We had to consider all the variables that were originally stated above. Our Dynatrace team was able to get the UFO to look at our Environment via the Publicly Accessible ActiveGate inside our DMZ. From there the supplied token is verified and the UFO gains the defined scope as set at the token level.

Our area now has a 360 degree view of our infrastructure without even needing to turn on their computer.

Attached is a step by step document for all you Dynatrace Admins with a Managed Setup like ours.



In our set up we have a TV mounted on the wall that displays our main dashboard right next to the Dynatrace Team, now we have added the UFO, suspeneded above us for all to see as they walk in, providing a visual of what our Production Environment status is.


Where to get such nice device?


Since my last post we have deployed 3 more UFO's - the feed back has been amazing, Staff love them!

Yesterday we had a little surprise with the UFO. While staff was out of the office a stow-away emerged from the UFO holding a banner!

Love the instructions on the glass ! 🙂

Keep calm and build Community!

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