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PRO TIP - Using Emojis to convey info

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Recently I did a post about permissions and policies. In a effort to simplify and provide a clear and concise understanding of what each grouping has, we started to leverage Emojis. 


For Example, as we have done in the last post, we created a group and policy and bound that policy to the group. But how do we easily convey to our fellow admins what each group consists of without the need to click into each one and review them. 




🔗 – (Chain Link) Means this Group has a Policy Bound to it – This is what gives the user change settings

🔐 – (Lock and Key) Means this is a Closed Group and only authorized associates should be added

👪 – (Groups) Means this is a Team Grouping, more then one user is linked to this group


So right away we can see 3 core things right off the bat. Yes you can leverage this in a Group name or even a group description. Its entirely up to you! 


I hope this helps you with your Dynatrace Administration! 


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

As a visual person myself, I second that! It is a lot easier when navigating/organizing dashboards with many tiles too.

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