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RUM: Tagging only your user actions, keeping others anonymous

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Sometimes RUM is enabled but tagging users is not allowed for privacy reasons. And you would like to monitor your user actions in target web application but only yours, others must be still anonymous.

If you are in that situation:

  1. Open your favorite browser in incognito mode.
  2. Going to target application where RUM is enabled.
  3. Press F12 in your keyboard or going to Developer tools interface.
  4. Go to “Console” tab.
  5. Type dtrum.identifyUser("Your_username") and press ENTER.


That session will be tagged with your input tag. It might be helpful for testing or discovery or troubleshooting purposes.

I hope it could help!

Best regards

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Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Always appreciable this type of sharing. In addition, here is the link detailing a complete list of these JS API functions.
A more fleshed out tip, if you want to follow a specific user click (here click button "soumettre: ", possibility to change in the JS application code (requires the development team) as follows:


function submitCockpitAction(caseName)


action = dtrum.enterAction("soumettre:" + caseName);



Result : 




Thank you! 😎

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 How about I would like to monitor my user actions in target web application but only specific web server routed by load balancer (4 web server routed by load balancer but only 1 web server that need to be monitored).



I am not sure if that is possible but, what do you want to achieve?

Best regards

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We suspect that the request distribution is not balance enough (poorly done by load balancer). It has something to do with capacity planning (adding 1 more web server or replacing the load balancer)


Service Flow view can help to see how many request are going to which web servers.

If you have all web servers with OneAgent with fullstack, that is monitored out of the box.

Best regards

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Do you know which column in usersession that represents the web server? Or should we add additional properties like in this article (Filter user sessions based on custom session properties (EAP) (

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