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Update: Migrating from Docker-only to generic container metrics in Dynatrace

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Already one year ago, @mreider  introduced the migration of docker-only metrics to a more generic set of container metrics within Dynatrace in this blog post.


As we are approaching the final phase of the migration period (which has already been prolonged from January to September 2022), we would like to give you an update and provide additional support:

  • Docker-only metrics are not reported to Dynatrace clusters since OneAgent versions 1.245+.
  • The dedicated docker page will be removed with Dynatrace version 1.249. We have already launched a generic container page as a replacement.


In order to avoid potential monitoring problems and keep migration efforts to a minimum, we have recently introduced a web application, called Metric Audit Report, guiding you through the migration process. The metric audit report provides insights about the usage of deprecated metrics within Dashboards, SLOs and alerts. As of today, we have extended the tool to report usage of any deprecated docker metrics next to other deprecated metrics (e.g. Kubernetes metrics).


In order to benefit from Metric Audit Report you simply provide the URL of your Dynatrace environment and create an API Access Token. As the report is based on API data it will work for SaaS and Managed and even support air-gapped environments.



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Thanks @stefan_penner 


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