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Use Composer to Simplify your Dynatrace Configuration Management



How do you manage your Dynatrace configuration?


Based on my experience, Dynatrace admins usually create screenshots to document some important configuration settings. Still, this manual process is time-consuming and not robust enough against permanent changes in such environments.


There is a better way!


Use Composer to manage your Dynatrace configuration. Below I am sharing a few Use Cases supported by the Composer solution.


# Backup Dynatrace configuration
No matter how many Dynatrace environments you have, Composer allows you to create backups of all your configuration items. You can make such a backup ad-hoc or entirely automated from a CI/CD pipeline.


# Checkin to software configuration management systems
Composer allows you to manage monitoring configurations as code, check it into repositories, and ensure that there is always an excellent track record of all monitoring settings.


# Find changes
If several admins take care of your Dynatrace environments, they need to make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding the adjusted settings. Composer simplifies their job because they always have a backup available, allowing them to detect the most recent changes.


Check it out and find more details about the Dynatrace configuration management solution Composer on the Hub 





Happy Performance Engineering!



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Josef thanks for sharing your tip! Users can also use the bizops configurator and the Terraform plugin as well. 


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