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A sample Extension 2.0 files with help how to get started


Hi Gurus,

It is great that one can write extension 2.0 after many extension 1.0 will be deprecated soon, none of the DT documentation provide sample extension to get someone started and what exact format needs to be bundled in the zip file. Documentations refers to pay load files yaml file etc... but not precise help. I got the advice to download one of the existing extensions and tune it from there to my need. but I am not able to get the download to work I always get directed to my instance of DT and all stops at the Hub page. Anybody can help me on how to download a good sample extension 2.0 zip please or provide a direct download URL to a good sample (e.g  A DT video will also be useful - Many thanks for your feedback.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


If you go here:, and then expand the 2.0 version, you have a download button there. From there you can see exactly what the extension contains, including the yaml file and other assets.


Thanks Mike. Much appreciated.

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