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APIGEE Extension working & usage

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Hello, I have recently come across this extension which looks very interesting to monitor APIGEE proxies. 

But the documentation is not very precise and does not answer some of some of questions I had in my mind.

  1. It says the extension uses active gate to pull the metrics from APIGEE. What kind of active gate is required? We use Dynatrace on-prem so I believe it will also require connectivity to be established from our active gates to APIGEE to poll the metrics?
  2. It says the keys.json file needs to be placed on active gate server but does not say where? Also if there are 3 active gates within a group, does it needs to be placed on each server?
  3. What about security? Storing secret file in a plain text format on active gate server would be a security risk?
  4. Is it possible to use containerised active gate? We have an active gate running on Kubernetes cluster.
  5. Is this extension even applicable for Dynatrace managed?

If anyone has used this extension with DT managed, I'd really appreciate if you can clear some of these basic queries.

Many Thanks.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

1 - Enviroment activegate with extensions module active

2 - It's part of the configuration


3 - You can restrict access to the Dynatrace ActiveGate user (e.g., dtuserag on Linux) and apply 400 to the file.

4 - No



5 - No restrictions with DT Managed. You need to be sure the Activegate is able to reach the apigee API

Frequent Guest

Hey @PacoPorro Thanks. This was really helpful.

I have one more question. So it is clear that I can't use containerised AGs so I have to rely on active gates which are hosted on my linux boxes. The thing is when I try to add monitoring configuration, by default it shows me 5 AGs and as you can see 3 of them are Containerised AGs and the 2 others are Environment AGs hosted on a secured on-prem servers.


As these are secured on-prem servers, they don't have connectivity to internet. Are you saying that I have to open the connectivity from these servers to reach APIGEE API to pull the metrics? What would that endpoint?

Best Regards,

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